Infertility and Dirty Genes: Interview with Dr. Ben Lynch


Infertility and Dirty Genes: Interview with Dr. Ben Lynch

In this episode of Finding Fertility, Monica is joined by Dr. Ben Lynch, author of Dirty Genes: A Breakthrough Program to Treat the Root Cause of Illness and Optimize Your Health. 

Dr. Lynch specializes in naturopathic medicine and is a champion of epigenetics. He is the president of supplement company Seeking Health, which focuses on health promotion and disease prevention. Dr. Lynch is dedicated to educating the public and health professionals on how to overcome genetic dysfunction.

In their interview, Monica and Dr. Lynch discuss the following topics:

🦩The unavoidable connection between childhood history and adult health issues

🦩So, what exactly are dirty genes, anyway?

🦩Can dirty genes be passed on to your child?

🦩Can a baby inherit your infertility?

🦩The long-term effects of autoimmune drugs

🦩How to deal with abnormal genes

🦩Is there value in pregnancy-planning genetic tests?

🦩The genetic benefits of improving your diet and lifestyle

Lastly, Monica and Dr. Lynch break down the critical differences between folates and folic acid. Although one of these is recommended frequently, they are not one and the same.

Join Monica and Dr. Lynch as they explore all things fertility, epigenetics, IVF, pregnancy, dirty genes, and so much more.


Discussion Highlights

  • (2:25) Interview with Dr. Lynch
  • (3:15) Dr. Lynch’s diet and lifestyle history
  • (6:23) Linking childhood history with adult issues
  • (8:30) Doctor’s Data testing
  • (11:20) The call of epigenetics
  • (14:04) Can dirty genes be passed on to your child?
  • (16:12) Can babies inherit your infertility?
  • (19:30) Long-term effects of autoimmune drugs
  • (23:22) Abnormal genes
  • (25:31) Pregnancy-planning genetic tests
  • (27:00) Genetic benefits of improving diet and lifestyle
  • (28:38) Is at-home fertility testing beneficial?
  • (30:54) Folates versus folic acid

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Anything written or said about health and diet are my opinions, that I have formed over the years, through trial and error, study, reading, listening and observing. What worked for me may not work for you. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or dietician and all medical advice should be gotten from a qualified professional. Product recommendations are based on what I used during my infertility journey or wish I had.

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