Grieving for the child that should have been in the world | The Fertility Connection Talk Show


🦩 Welcome back to another episode of Finding Fertility. We're back with another Talk Show - The Fertility Connection discussing Grieving for the child that should have been in the world.

“We beat ourselves up so hard during this journey because time is our currency.”

Topics Discussed:

🦩 Change the negative words you tell yourself and be consistent.

🦩 Let go of your worry about the plans you had around your unborn baby.

🦩 Keep believing in your ability to make your physical baby happen.  

How are you dealing with the pain of losing the child you should be holding? How do you move on from the grieving stage and start believing in yourself again?  

In this episode of the Finding Fertility podcast, we speak with Sarah, Emma, and Devon about grieving for the child that should have been in the world. Devon is a fertility finance coach, Sarah is a fertility expert, and Emma is a therapist and fertility coach.

Listen in to learn how to move on from the pain that’s keeping you stuck in the past without losing the connection to your feelings.

  • “Your child made a connection with you and will come at the right time for them to come.”

Grieving For the Child That Should Have Been in The World | The Fertility Connection Talk Show

Episode Highlights:

  • [8:20] The things you can do to stay strong when you can’t get pregnant yet.
  • [14:43] How to move from the pain keeping you stuck while staying connected to your feelings.
  • [21:53] Have the belief that your baby made a connection with you and will come at the right time.
  • [24:53] How to come back to the feeling of synchronicity and make your dreams come true.

The lineup today:

Devon from The Fertility Finance Coach:

Sarah from Fab Fertile:  

Emma from Emma Brodzinski:

Monica from Finding Fertility:


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