Thriving After A Miscarriage During Infertility | Jodi Sky Rogers

“It was frustrating doing everything I was told but it still wasn't working.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How infertility issues are often grouped all in the same category.
  • Coming to terms with staying in your depression or making changes.
  • How support and sharing benefit us on our journey.
  • Giving yourself the space to grieve.

The process of going through infertility issues is a long and often lonely road.  In this episode, I talk with Jodi Sky Rogers who talks with us on how we need to allow ourselves to grieve and work through our sadness in a healthy way. 

We dive into acknowledging the heartbreak that this journey leads us through so that we can respond in a way that is healing for us. Nurturing our minds and bodies is essential for our well being and we have to place emphasis and take the time out for ourselves. 

“When I nurture my body it serves me better.”

We tend to focus on the tasks to be done, and the next step, rather than slowing down and examining how we are doing.  We discuss different ways that we can heal our souls and minds.

And above all else we talk about how you are not alone.  It can feel so isolating going through these things if you have no one to share your emotions, feelings, and pain with, and we dive into how important it is to plug into a community.

“Having other people to support you is one of the most valuable things to have on this journey.”


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